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Sounds like you have your Decred pool account information wrong. You only need to set it if the pool you are mining at does not have an account for the dev fee.

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Mining on them is more akin to attacking the network than securing it.

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Pool has been updated to the new mining protocol, all miners have updated versions too,.View Decred algorithm profitability, hashing power, number of orders and miners on NiceHash.

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Crypto+ decred mining pool | Official

Crypto+ decred mining pool hub | howTo

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DCR, Decred, ETH, Ether, Ethereum, Ethermine, how to, mining, pool, profit, stratum.How to dual mine Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Decred (DCR) on pool Hello.

All mining pools specified in. or you will get ping to VPN location plus ping from VPN location to mining pool).Preparation: With lemon remove the zest and squeeze the juice.I want to to create a mining pool with the famous pool project MPOS.

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